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Rewind Trauma Therapy


Are you having flashbacks, intrusive thoughts, nightmares or experiencing triggers that take you back to a traumatic event? Or do you have a phobia that is affecting your daily life? If so then Rewind Trauma Therapy may be extremely effective for you. I am trained by Dr Muss, the founder of Rewind Trauma Therapy and am listed on The International Association for Rewind Trauma Therapy (IARTT) website as an approved practitioner, having proven and met competencies in this field. 

Rewind can be used for single traumatic events or multiple traumas. It can work for traumatic experiences like:

  • Sexual/emotional/physical abuse

  • Cope with redundancy or work-related stress

  • Domestic violence

  • Combat

  • Past bullying

  • Car accidents

  • Pathological & traumatic grief

  • Attacks or robbery

  • Surgery or accident

  • Suicide attempts

  • Being trapped

  • Traumatic birth

  • Phobias

  • plus, lots more.

Who can I treat?

  • A life-threatening event survivor

  • Someone who has experienced a trauma or multiple traumas

  • A witness to the trauma, but not personally subjected to the trauma

  • The person who heard about the horrible situation and then arrived to see it. Then they start to imagine how it must have happened. (includes firemen, policemen, ambulance men, relatives etc).

  • Someone who has heard about what happened or imagined what occurred.

  • A therapist

  • A perpetrator


The Rewind process uses the imagination to process memories so that they are no longer triggering, and it has an estimated 90% success rate with trials recently receiving great success at Cardiff university.


“A Randomised Control Trial done at Cardiff University has confirmed that Rewind is as good as CBT or EMDR”.
Dr. David Muss (originator of the technique).  


“Closure Without Disclosure”

Unlike EMDR, the treatment does not require you to disclose any details of your experience, and it usually involves just a few sessions to bring about permanent closure for single event traumas. 


Depending on the nature or the event or phobia, these can be dealt with individually for each traumatic event over separate sessions, or may possibly be dealt with in one session (view case studies here). 


60 minute Rewind Trauma Therapy sessions online or in person are £65.

Contact me to discuss whether or not Rewind Trauma Therapy is appropriate for you. 

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