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About me

Hello, I’m Catherine. I’m an experienced BACP accredited counsellor. I  live in a neurodivergent family with a mixture of ADHD, autism, dyslexia and AUDHD. I have had a life full of ups and downs and am both professionally and personally equipped to offer support to those seeking a comfortable space to come, talk, be heard and just ‘be’. 

People who are from the neurodivergent dimension require a kind of support that you'll find is quite different to the neurotypical one. Welcome to the world of difference, where integrative therapy is interwoven with practical and creative approaches.



EMDR Training (2024)

ADHD and Neurodiversity Interventions for Women: Strength-Based Skills To Use in Your Clinical Practice (2024)

Regular exploration of neurodivergence (podcasts, journals, books, facebook communities)

Fundamentalist Religious Childhoods: Implications for practice in therapy (2023)

BACP Accreditation qualification (2023)

Complex Trauma Treatment Phase one, Complex Trauma Institute (2023)
Image Transformation Therapy Basic Workshop (2022)

Human Givens Guided Imagery for Therapeutic Change (2022)

Human Givens Rewind Technique (2022)

International Association for Rewind Trauma Therapy (2022)

How to Break the Cycle of Depression, Human Givens (2022)

Rewind Technique qualified IARTT (2022)

Coherence Therapy Training (2022)

Focusing Oriented Therapy (2023)

Certificate: Understanding Autism, Making your Practice Autism Friendly (2021)

Certificate as Focusing Practitioner (2021)

Advanced Diploma in Counselling, BACP accredited, level 5 (adults 18+)

Advanced Certificate in Counselling

Certificate in Focusing (2020)

NCFE Diploma in Performance Coaching (2005)

NCFE Certificate in Life Coaching (2005)

BA (HONS) English Literature, 1st Class

Enhanced DBS Certificate

Cruse Bereavement Care ABC Foundation Course

outside of work

Our family structures life to work best for our neurodivergent brains. For me this means finding time for my special interests which include art, reading, podcasts, crochet, writing, board games, & watching documentaries.

You'll find me most of the time learning something new while hanging out with my boys and my cats. 

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