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Rewind therapy - treatment for trauma & phobias

Rewind Therapy is a highly effective treatment for people suffering from ptsd, intrusive thoughts about past events or phobias - in simple terms it helps the brain to process memories so that they are no longer triggering.

How are traumatic or phobia memories different to normal memories?

In everyday life, memories are processed then finally stored as ‘long term memory’…. a bit like creating books to put in a library! You can take these story-memories out of the library any time to think about - they feel past, and eventually they fade with time.

However, when people experience trauma (or when a phobia develops), the brain doesn’t process these memories the same way. As a result, traumatic memories don’t become story-memories.

During a traumatic event, human beings go into survival mode and so instead, memory becomes encoded in the ‘fight or flight’ part of the brain (the amygdala). They stay ‘locked’ in this part of the brain as a survival pattern, on high alert - ready to reactivate if a similar emergency arises. You can imagine that the amygdala is a bit like a scared overly-sensitive animal, always on the look-out for memory triggers even when there isn’t any danger.

How does Rewind therapy (RT) work?

RT helps to remove triggers and supports clients to become more stable by playing with the memory so that the brain realises that it can file the memory away as it is no longer a threat. . It works by reviewing traumatic memories or phobias through the lens of disassociation.

The best thing about Rewind Therapy is that you don’t need to tell me about the trauma (if it helps you to do so, or your feel you need to, I will listen, validate and support but it isn’t an active part of the therapy).

The technique involves making an imaginary ‘film’ of the event – seeing yourself in the film helps you not re-experience trauma.

Clients might undertake two or more sessions to remove embedded traumas. More complex traumas might additionally include counselling to support you as you discover the authentic person that lies beneath, and rebuild your life, career and relationships as you resolve your trauma.

How effective is Rewind Trauma Therapy?

Dr Muss (IARTT), previously Director of the PTSD Unit at the BMI Edgebaston Hopsital, Birmingham, developed the Rewind technique and The IARTT website states that “Rewind Therapy has a success rate of 90% and is widely used by Hillsborough survivors, veterans and the St John Ambulance service”..

What kind of events would you use Rewind therapy for?

It can be used for many different traumatic events (and events that may not seem traumatic) e.g.

- Abusive relationships

- Birth trauma

- Complex grief

- Operations

- Accidents


- Abuse

- Bullying

- Assault

- Events witnessed but not as a victim

Rewind can be purchased as a treatment on its own or be combined with counselling sessions should you wish to explore other issues. Rewind is worth every penny as it’s a quick effective short treatment, bringing you great results which can be life-changing.

Please contact me if you would like to discuss receiving this treatment.


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