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ADHD specific support

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my 23 page guide on how to get your ADHD assessment sorted!


Counselling in the context of ADHD

The approach to counselling for people in the context of ADHD can be quite different to what you would normally experience in talk therapy sessions. It can include:


- Identifying what ADHD is and how it affects many areas of life
- Supporting you in coming to terms with the possibility of ADHD

- Processing trauma related to growing up ADHD

- Reframing the world and one's identity through an ADHD lens


ADHD assessment & diagnosis
I am able to guide you through how to get an ADHD assessment organised, including setting deadlines and creating accountability to get it done. I can also offer my services to support you in filling in the portal questionnaire if you choose the Right to Choose route. Please contact me to discuss further.


ADHD - accountability & detangling

If you have a project you need to get done or a number of pieces of unfinished business, I will help you detangle what needs to be done and support you in getting through it all step by step. I can offer accountability support via whatsapp if it is required. Please contact to discuss.

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