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Cancellation Policy

You can rearrange or cancel appointments up to 48 hours without incurring any fee before the appointment time.

If you are unable to give 48 hours’ notice or you miss the session without giving notice, payment will be retained except in the case of unpredictable and serious personal emergencies.

I will always try to offer another appointment if you have to cancel at short notice, but if we are unable to find another mutually convenient time in the same week, the full fee will be payable.

If you are having counselling in person and cannot attend, (for example due to travel, weather conditions), I will be available for an online session or phone session but I am unable to cancel the appointment.

If I am unable to attend the session, I will advise you by text/email at the earliest opportunity. No fee will be payable in this circumstance. If you completed payment at the time of booking, I will transfer the payment to the next session.


For anyone who visits me in person, if you are unwell and concerned that you may be contagious or have possible covid symptoms, but feel well enough for therapy, I suggest that we use telephone or zoom. If you are too unwell to attend the session online, we will try to find another space in the same week wherever possible.

Similarly, if I have a cold or possible covid symptoms but am able to work, I will likely offer an online session in place of an in-person session. If an illness is disruptive to our work, for example in the case of a persistent cough or positive covid test, I will reschedule with you. I will usually contact you via SMS or email as soon as it is clear that I need to reschedule.

If you have a chronic illness, please speak to me about flexibility around cancellation.

If you have any concerns or specific queries, please do let me know when we next see each other.


Thank you.

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