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Counselling for neurodivergent people

I offer counselling for  autistic and/or adhd or neuro-curious people, and also parents/partners of neurodiverse family members.


Counselling tailored to neurodivergence involves offering a space where various aspects of support are given e.g. 

  • Reframing the past in the context of neurodivergence


  • Support in working out how to reshape your life so that you can thrive and feel more fulfilled

  • Exploring the possibility of neurodivergence; looking at individual traits and investigating  symptoms over the lifespan. This can also include diagnosis-pathway support and help filling in the assessment form if required.. 

  • Bringing a consistent neuro-affirmative lens to your life which helps with healing

  • Slowing down and discovering new ways to 'do living' using strategies that fit uniquely for you.

  • Addressing emotional trigger points e.g. anger outbursts, boundaries, people pleasing


  • Support in developing neuroception. Identifying, naming and acknowledging emotions 


  • Understanding and untangling relationship challenges

  • Support in parenting a neurodiverse child

  • Sensory acknowledgement and support in exploring how life is impacted by sensory needs


  • Sending relevant videos and resources post-session where relevant to support with psycho-education

What gives me the specialist knowledge to offer neurodiversity counselling? 

  • My family are a mixture of ADHD and autistic and so I have a wealth of understanding the nuances of living neurodivergently

  • I have a personal interest in neurodiversity and research widely in this area (books, videos, documentaries, podcasts, journals, websites, instagram). I am a member of CHADD and regularly visit to update my learning

  • I am a focusing-oriented therapist, which means I also specialise in helping people tune into their emotions by reading bodily signals

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