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Guided Focusing sessions


"The Body is a hiding place for knowledge that the mind doesn't want to see. Focusing can help to unveil what is hidden."

​Focusing can give you the opportunity to explore a specific issue that needs time, depth and privacy. As a Focusing Practitioner I can help you explore an area that needs the skill of an experienced guide. 


If you are trying out Focusing, then I usually suggest doing two to three sessions to get a feel for what Focusing can do for you. 

What happens in a focusing session?

 After some initial arriving time, we will start the Focusing session. During your session my role will be one of a companion and guide.

  • You will be guided in an unobtrusive and supportive way

  • You will be led to an experience of being deeply in touch with yourself

  • You will be safely guided to listen to and be with your body, sensations and feelings, without being overwhelmed by them

  • You will be guided to “be with” yourself in a new way that brings space, empathy and understanding to the most tangled of issues.

The session will be timed and I will let you know a few minutes before the end that the time is up. I will leave time at the end to ask questions and explore what happened.

How is Focusing different to counselling?

 In a Focusing session, the emphasis is on your relationship with yourself rather than your relationship with me as your counsellor. Focusing involves a specific method to enable you to explore your 'inner landscape', whereas counselling does not involve 'a 'specific method' as such. (I do however incorporate a Focusing style into my counselling!)

Focusing infographic.png

Focusing on 'strong feelings'

Focusing as a method has proven helpful to people experiencing strong feelings such as anxiety or anger, as it allows a ‘breaking down’ of the lead up to and experience of that feeling. By giving attention to the bodily sensations and thoughts happening in sequence this can improve connection to what is happening and lead to a better understanding of why it may have occurred. For a lot of clients and myself included sometimes the unknown element of anxiety, anger etc. is what can make it more uncomfortable. It seems so uncontrollable, so powerful and out of reach.

Focusing in on experiences or concerns that we would rather back away from can at first be challenging. It can however, offer such movement and a greater connection to your own experiencing. This can then be carried and used throughout the rest of your life. It offers the chance to gain better self-awareness and understanding. Which can lead to a greater ability to cope with the ever continual ups and downs of life itself.

Focusing & the inner critic

I am able to support you in inviting yourself to explore the parts of you that you may feel are causing you pain. We can gently come towards those parts and listen to what they are trying to protect you from.

“Every bad feeling is potential energy toward a more right way of being if you give it space to move toward its rightness.” Eugene Gendlin (founder of Focusing)

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