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Autism - steps to take for diagnosis

*Autism friendly post

I get asked a lot about the diagnosis pathway for autism. These are the current options:

Private diagnosis NHS diagnosis via GP NHS diagnosis using 'Right to Choose' (England only).


Private diagnosis:

Cost: £1000 plus

Wait time: variable

How to do it: Find a psychiatrist/psychologist and book an assessment.

Two ways you can find a psychiatrist/psychologist:

- Join a local neurodiversity facebook group and ask for recommendations.

- Type 'autism diagnosis pychologist/psychiatrist Bristol (or your town)' into google and contact three different organisations to weigh up costs.


NHS via GP

Cost: Free

Wait time: Years (dependent upon your postcode)

How to do it:

Download and fill in the document attached to this page and take it to a GP appointment. This will help you have the conversation with the GP about autism. If your GP agrees there is a possibility of autism, you can then be referred for an assessment on the NHS.


NHS via GP using 'Right to Choose'

Cost: Free

Wait time: 6 months to one year

How to do it:

Decide which NHS provider you want to use for your diagnosis. Here is a list: Psychiatry UK Clinical Partners Health Choices Global Axia Please read each individual page as they explain what you need to do to for using the 'Right to Choose' pathway.

​Download and fill in the Self-report scale attached to this page and take it to a GP appointment to discuss.Please note that the self-report scales might not suit your profile. It's important to read about autism and collect examples that you feel would be pertinent to you uniquely.

Have a conversation with your GP about how your daily living and mental health is impacted by the possibility of being autistic. You may want to watch some videos to help you capture examples of how your life is impacted.

If your GP has agreed with you, let your GP know that you want to exercise your 'right to choose'. Tell the GP that you will send a template letter that they can use. You can edit the template letter attached below and email it to your GP. This letter has been adapted from a template letter offered by Psychiatry UK. If you are going to use Psychiatry UK as your chosen organisation you can just use their template letter.

Wait for your assessment. You may like to check with your GP that the referral has gone ahead as administration can sometimes go awry in GP surgeries. You can also contact the organisation you have chosen to find out where you are on the waiting list.



Download DOCX • 27KB

* I have tried to make this post as clear as possible. If there is anything that doesn't make sense or is no longer up to date please email me so I can make changes. Thank you.


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