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What does a focusing-oriented therapist do?

Do you ever feel like you tell your story over and over and feel like you're not getting anywhere?! Within focusing-oriented therapy, I will listen to your story too, but there will be something else going on. I will invite us to be with the whole story and listen to what is there underneath it all.

The person who created the method of Focusing, Gene Gendlin, discovered that people who were the most successful in psychotherapy were the ones who naturally turned inwards and spoke after pausing and listening to their inner experiencing. In fact, as a result of this research the researchers could then spot right from the start whether a person was going to be successful or not in their therapy. As a result of this, Gendlin developed a method called Focusing which meant that anyone could learn this skill of 'turning inwards' to listen to their experiencing. And this is exactly what I encourage in my counselling which integrates the ideas of Focusing. You may notice me giving you invitations as we spend time together - saying things such as, 'how is this whole thing for you, when you sit with all that you have said...' or 'I wonder what the quality is of all of that?'. By attending to what we experience, naming it and being with it, this is where the possibility of change can really happen.

You might also notice that I invite us to 'be with' difficult feelings rather than trying to get rid of them or dismiss them. This is done in a safe and gentle way so that you don't feel overwhelmed by your feelings or out of control.

If you're interested in learning more about Focusing, I would recommend reading Gendlin's pocket book. It's short and an easy read.


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