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How can counselling help with the menopause?

I recently wrote a blog post for The Practice Rooms about how counselling can help with the menopause. You can start reading it also here and then hop over there to read the rest!

Juggling children or teens, elderly parents, perhaps navigating the tribulations of a long term relationship… and to top it all, your body is going through its own journey of change. Just great! It’s no wonder you might feel like you don’t know whether you’re coming or going!

Counselling can be a place to put a stake in the ground where not much ground feels solid in everyday life. Clients often say to me that the counselling room (or the online room of zoom) creates a stopping place, a place to pause and be when everything else around can feel out of control. This in itself, a regular marker where you can stop and spend time airing the linen of life can be extremely helpful as you transition through this time in your life where your body is experiencing perimenopausal or menopausal here.


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