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I'm writing you a letter (potential male client) because men are much less likely to seek support...

This post is written as a direct response to the survey by the Mental Health Foundation which states that men are far less likely to reach out for support when they need it.

Dear potential male client,

You may be wondering about whether to take that step and come for counselling. You may be wondering who to choose, and what have I got to offer you, will I get you? How on earth will I know what it’s like to be a male in this world? In some ways you’re right – I will never know uniquely what it’s like to be you in your gender. I totally admit that. At the same time, I will give you some context about me so you can get a sense of whether I might be able to provide a space where you can talk and feel understood.

First off, I have to mention my role as a mother of men. I married into an already established family when I met my husband. He was a single dad with two sons who then became my step sons. They are now aged 25 and 26. I then went onto have my own children, two boys now aged 9 and 12. Additionally I am a sibling to my older brother. My father was one of four brothers and so I was brought up playing football in a back garden with my older uncles!

This immersion in connections with males within my family continued as I spent my university years building a number of deep friendships with males, many of whom are still my closest friends.

I have worked with a number of men now in my counselling practice and want to actively encourage men to contact me for counselling support. I have specific experience of working with anger and emotional connection, and it has always been a privilege to see change begin to take place within these vulnerable places.

To any men out there wondering whether to take that step, feel free to get in touch and see if it feels right to work with me.

Warm wishes,


p.s. While I'm here, you might like to check out Talk Club, a talking and listening club for men, run by men, helping men to keep mentally fit by offering a secure and private space to share and support others.


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