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Please find below quotes from clients who have been happy to share their feedback with me: 

"I felt it was a safe space to discuss what I needed to. I felt supported. The very first session was such a clarifying moment for me, and I really started to understand and believe in myself more from that moment and throughout all my sessions."

"What was helpful? Your sense of humour / lightness of touch – I appreciated how we were able to laugh at times and that counselling didn’t always have to be deadly serious, even when you laughed I never once felt that you weren’t taking my pain or insecurities seriously."

"I would recommend you to others…think your human-ness, humour and practical attitude (you wear your significant skills lightly!), alongside a strong presence of empathy and compassion, means that many people would find you approachable and easy to settle into relationship with."


"In the last couple of weeks I feel I’ve turned a corner regarding the break up of my relationship and feel alot clearer, stronger and excited to move on. I really feel that if I hadn’t had counselling with you I might still feel very ’stuck’ in my life so it’s been an incredibly positive experience."


 "I was really satisfied with the standard of counselling you provided. You listened intently; you guided the conversation and let me come to conclusions. It’s a real art to listen and let the person you’re helping feel as though they have made personal progress each session, rather than be given suggestions. That’s where I found the real progress was made, and how I felt I was moving forward. Also, you enabled me to sit with my thoughts and I didn’t feel at all rushed as we discussed topics."

"I would definitely recommend your services. As above, this is due to your focus-orientated approach, but also your manner. You are very calming and I felt completely at ease in your company. Coupled with your professionalism. There was a definite line between counsellor and client, which is important to uphold."

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