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 I am a professionally trained counsellor & psychotherapist based in South Bristol, working with neurodivergent people (ADHD, Autistic & AuDHD). 

I help people who have spent their lives wondering why they struggle so much, people who have never fitted into norms but aren't quite sure why. You are welcome here.  I can help you:

- identify your unique neurodivergent characteristics

- ​Learn to work with your wonderful mind​

- Liberate yourself from self-judgment and shame

- ​Trust yourself & shape a life that fits your neurotype

- Support pre & post assessment in a number of ways​

- Offer EMDR and other treatments to support with anxiety & trauma

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As well as specialising in neurodiversity, I am passionate about helping people work through life changes, stuckness and anxiety. Please feel free to get in touch for a free ten minute chat, or send me an email or book a FREE initial session.

Beauty Spa

"I felt it was a safe space to discuss what I needed to. I felt supported. The very first session was such a clarifying moment for me,

Virtual Team Meeting

" I appreciated how we were able to laugh at times and that counselling didn’t always have to be deadly serious,


"In the last couple of weeks I feel I’ve turned a corner regarding the break up of my relationship and feel alot clearer, stronger and excited to move on..."

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