Feeling stuck? Looking for a way forward in your life? I can accompany you on your journey - to help you explore and understand  whatever it is that you are struggling with.

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“Every bad feeling is potential energy toward a more right way of being if you give it space to move toward its rightness.”


Some thoughts you might be having that we can explore together...

"I feel really low and I've been feeling like this for too long..."

"I just wish I could stop feeling so anxious..."

"My self esteem is at rock bottom, it's affecting my life..."

" All my relationships seem to end disastrously..."

"I am so stressed at work..."

"I need some help with my anger..."

"Will I ever stop feeling like this...?"

"I feel stuck..."

"Will I ever get over this grief...?"

I can offer you a genuinely safe and non-judgmental space where you will be fully accepted, whatever you choose to bring. Counselling available in person, on zoom or on the phone